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LPG Conversions

If you are tired of seeing prices for diesel and petrol hitting new all-time highs almost every week, getting your car converted to run on LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) could be the answer for you. As LPG, also known as Autogas, is recognised by the government as a clean fuel, duty level is far lower than with conventional car fuels. In short this means: with an LPG conversion you will be able to nearly cut your fuel bills in half.

The conversion of an engine to LPG will not change the appearance of the vehicle. There are many spaces in the car where gas tanks can be fitted invisible to the eye, like the spare-wheel, the boot cavity or under the vehicle (e.g. under the sills) if ground-clearance is sufficient.

Seton Engineering are an LPGA-approved installer. This means the LPG conversion will not affect your insurance. An LPG conversion will however very likely raise the value of your car should you decide to sell it, as LPG converted vehicles are worth more to buyers who are aware of the savings they can make by running it on LPG. Additional benefits like exemption from the London congestion charge make a vehicle with an LPG conversion a highly attractive object to potential buyers.

Although Autogas has a slightly lower energy content than petrol, the loss of power to the engine's performance will be hardly noticeable (usually around 10%). The installation of the LPG conversion kit usually takes around two days.

An LPG conversion is not a one-way decision: you will still be able to run your car on petrol or diesel just as before. A converted car becomes a dual-fuel vehicle. You decide on the fuel used by simply turning over a switch. A positive side-effect of running on Autogas is that your engine will be quieter and smoother and much better for the environment.

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