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Welcome to Seton Engineering

Based just a few miles outside Edinburgh next to beautiful Seton House in East Lothian we offer quality car, commercial and 4x4 vehicle servicing and repairs.

We are specialists in LPG conversion of car and light truck engines, especially Range Rovers and Land Rovers. In times of constantly rising oil prices Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is an attractive alternative to common fuels like petrol and diesel. Automotive LP Gas is a clean-burning, high octane, abundant, environmentally friendly transportation fuel. Due to the lower price of Autogas compared to petrol or diesel the costs for converting a vehicle to LPG are usually met within two years (depending on the yearly mileage of your car). After that period you will be able to run your vehicle at a fraction of the previous cost. And from day one your car will be releasing considerably fewer emissions into the environment and helping to reduce pollution in the atmosphere. Frequently asked questions about Autogas.

If you are interested in having your car converted to Autogas, please do not hesitate to drop in or contact us for a free estimate.

Bob Bathgate,